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Is Mr. Rabi Lamichhane the culprit?

Is Mr. Rabi Lamichhane the culprit?

  • Anshu Ghimire
  • सोमवार, भदौ ९, २०७६

Rabi Lamichhane is a Nepalese  television presenter who set  the world record for throwing longest ever television talk show telecast in Nepal. He recently hosted a popular Nepali television show ‘Sidha Kura Janata Sanga’ where he questioned the administrations regarding the problems of their offices in various sectors and also discoursed the root causes of different problems within the country.

On 15th of August, police found a suicidal video on journalist Shalikram Pudasaini’s phone which left them traumatized. Mr. Shalikram Pudasaini accused Rabi Lamichanne, Yuvraj Kadel and Ashmita Karki in connection to the death of Mr.Pudasaini which appeared to be a suicide. This video was made public and police were catechized by the supporters of Mr.Rabi Lamichhane who also had a few strong points like a distinct background that we could see right after two minutes of the video. Mr. Pudasaini also seemed utterly confused about what he had been saying for the past few minutes but instantly looked down and apprehended his point. This made people feel as if he was reading from a paper and that the video was scripted. As all of us can see that Mr. Pudasaini was lying down throughout the video, how could he join his hands? Where did he hold his phone? Why did his video blink so much? Are suicidal videos this long? There are a number of queries .

As Nepal is a corrupted country, we cannot trust Mr. Rabi lamichhane’s sincerity. Mr. Lamichhane has a splendid impression on people and has gained a lot of popularity and respect. On one hand, we know that Mr. Lamichhane has flashed many controversies but on the other hand, we are not so sure that Mr. Lamichhane has unveiled all the polemics. According to today’s generation, media is the eye of people. We do not know what’s happening around the world until we hear it from the media. But we often forget that people are not as good as they pretend to be. They are considerate of others. They tend not to consider themselves as all living together, but see themselves only as an individual.

As the suicidal video of Mr. Pudasaini is an important evidence to the police, they might have not released the video online. So, this video might not be what it looks like. The picture of the dead body of Mr. Pudasaini tells us that he was brutally murdered as he had some wounds on his legs and his leg had touched a chair while he was hung by the neck. Mr. Rabi Lamichhane was a famous journalist so he had innumerable antagonists who might have targeted Mr. Pudasaini to take revenge on Mr. Lamichhane. But we still don’t know the inside story of Mr. Pudasaini.

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